Invel® is a Brazilian company in the health sector. It is a world reference in studying biostimulation of the metabolism using MIG3® technology, an infrared irradiator in the 3-14.8 band.


The exclusive Japanese BIOCERÂMICA® MIG3® technology, which is an active ingredient that improves local blood microcirculation, is applied to Invel® products and therapeutic clothes that provide several health benefits. Invel®’s main products are registered at Anvisa – Ministry of Health.

Invel® has been present in Brazil for 15 years. It researches, develops, manufactures and exports its products to Asia, United States and Europe and it has a small manufacturing plant certified by Anvisa in GMP Good Manufacturing Practices and Control of Medical Products.

Its mission is to work tirelessly in the search for technological innovation and the development of products that improve the quality of life, health and wellbeing of people.


[message type=”simple”]VISION Be a global leader, a reference in health and wellbeing through the innovative MIG3® technology, seeking continuous improvement for individuals to have a better life.[/message]

[message type=”simple”]MISSION Research and develop, manufacture, distribute and export products with safety and scientifically proven efficacy, with exclusive technology, aligned with world tendencies for promoting human health and wellbeing.[/message]

[message type=”simple”]VALUES Competence, ethics, transparency, longevity, life, harmony and happiness.[/message]

[message type=”simple”]QUALITY POLICY Continuously improve product quality with Invel® technology, aimed at satisfying and exceeding the needs and expectations of our internal and external clients, meeting the requirements of Good Manufacturing Practices.[/message]